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Translation E > F

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    Quick! I need a translation for Choose one: (As in: please choose one of the following options)

    Google tells me the literal translation is choisir un but that doesn't mean it is semantically correct. (As a developer, I know that the French have 47,000 different ways of saying the same thing.) BTW, this is a Canadian(French) government website.

    It's late Friday night and eveyone including the copywriters have gone home and this tidbit of web copy didn't get translated (mostly because I made it up).
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    In french, for "please choose one of the following options", I would use "veuillez choisir l'une des options suivantes". I am not canadian though.
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    Bah! I should have known. There's several missing bits of copy. Going to have to catch them in QA. (Tricky, since this site launches Monday AM, come hell or high water.)
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