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Translation of this conversation

  1. Jun 27, 2005 #1
    ok, so not that GD needs another thread or anything... but, i really have no idea what to do with this. some guy imed me today, and i have NO idea what he said. i think he said he was speaking in a swiss dialect of german... but i could be wrong. other than that i basically understood nothing.

    so, if anyone has a clue what the convo was about, that would be cool. or even, like, if someone has an idea of where i could find an online translator, that'd also be useful...

    ya, ok, i'll just paste the convo in i guess... thanks for any help.. or maybe just commentary or something...

    mani says: halo
    abby says: hi
    mani says: kako si
    abby says: i'm gonna guess you just asked whats up or something, and i'll say not much, you?
    mani says: ima li nesto novo
    mani says: to ne razumjem
    abby says: alright, do you speak english?
    mani says: provjedi
    mani says: ako hoces
    mani says: ne samo njemacki
    abby says: ya, i have no idea what you're saying
    abby says: do i know you?
    mani says: ne razumem
    mani says: nista
    mani says: molim
    abby says: what language are you speaking
    abby says: ?
    mani says: deutsch
    mani says:bitte
    mani says: ven geht
    mani says: schweizersche dialekt
    abby says: alright
    mani says:pusis
    mani says: mi
    mani says: ako
    mani says: hoces
    mani says: to je naj bolje
    mani says: mozda
    abby says: umm
    abby says: i don't understand you at all
    mani says: volisb nesto naj ljepsu
    mani says: da ti pisem?
    abby says: i dunno what you asked
    mani says: volis romanticno nesto
    abby says: if you spoke in english this would go a lot better
    abby says: or even spanish or french would be better
    mani says: uau
    mani says: ti puno znaes
    mani says: ali tvoj jezik si zaboravila
    mani says: bravo
    mani says: kompliment
    abby says: ok
    mani says: ja ok
    mani says: zao mi je
    mani says: ali tako je
    mani says: izgleda da si mnogu talentna
    mani says: ali i ja ne znaem kako da se razumjem stobom
    mani says: (heart shape)
    mani says: (kiss thing)
    abby says: ok,
    mani says: ok
    abby says: how about english now?
    mani says: ??!!!
    abby says: i don't understand you
    abby says: how did you even get my email?
    mani says: (winking smiley)
    abby says: oooook
    mani says: idemo da veceramo
    mani says: da jedemo po jedno pizu
    mani says: volis li?
    abby says: um
    mani says: hajde idemo
    mani says: svarno je ljepo vrjeme
    abby says: oy!
    mani says: hoces li??
    abby says: dunno what you're saying
    mani says: ili da idem sam
    mani says: ok cao onda idem sam
    mani says: (broken heart thing)
    mani says: (kissy thing kissy thing kissy thing)
    abby says: what?
    mani says:ciao-ciao
    mani says: laku noc
    abby says: you're leaving?
    mani says: i budi pozdravljena
    mani says: izvini ako sam grsil nesto
    mani says: ali nije bilo namerno nista
    abby says: ummm
    mani says: kod mene
    abby says: i'm still not sure what you're saying
    mani says: greska uvjek se pravi
    mani says: pa jos jednum izvinjavam se
    mani says: i budi pozdravljena
    mani says: jedan slatki poljubac
    mani says: ako primas
    mani says: to sama znaes
    mani says: cao
    abby says: umm
    mani says: gutten nacht
    abby says: k, i understand that
    mani says: schlafen sie güt
    mani says: spavaj mi dobro
    abby says: i have no idea what you've said to me...

    (and he logs off)

    so there it is. seeing as i have no idea who this is, and they just imed me out of the blue... i'm guessing that its a german or swiss secret agent looking for my cooperation with this international drug deal. i was chosen of course because he was made aware of my awesome undercover skills and my abilities to disguise myself with simple household objects such as pillows... now due to apparent communication issues, it seems i will be of ill-use, unfortunately though, i already know too much... so he's on his way to kill me!

    **dun dun dun**

    but thats just from the little bit i understood... anyone with a better clue should fill me in. please.
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    So it was you, i thought i was going crazy, seeing walking pillows,
    Thats not you disguised as a crow looking in my window is it, is it?
  4. Jun 27, 2005 #3


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    Mani's language looks more like Slovenian or Croatian (Hrvatski), possibly Polish or Bosnian. It is Slavic patterns, and is definitely not a form of Swiss (Schweizerdeutsch).

    I would say Croatian is highest probability.
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    Most of it doesn't look like German, but there are a few lines which are.



    Swiss Dialect

    Good night, but I think it's misspelled. It's supposed to be Gutte Nacht.

    Sleep well. Gut doesn't have umlauts in German, though.

    If any of the rest is in German, then I've lost much more of the language than I thought I had.

    There are no black helecopters... and they're definitely not silent either!
  8. Jun 27, 2005 #7
    hmmmm.... what a mystery.... he imed me again... but i don't understand him any better. i used that translator thing, but not everything translated of course... and the stuff that did really didn't make much sense. i think i'd better go into hiding just in case.
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    Gale,i guess the poor fellow wanted to entertain you :tongue2: And those words surely look horrible.

    So he came out from basically nowhere...?:rolleyes:

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    Here's what I don't understand: why didn't you just tell him to frell off and close the connection the moment he started typing in a language you didn't understand?

    It's amazing what people will put up with sometimes. It reminds me of some of those calls from Crank Yankers that go on, and on, and on, and I'm wondering, why don't the people just hang up the phone already? Heck, I remember one time when "Special Ed" called some poor editor from Scientific American, trying to get a feature article on his baking soda volcano. The guy actually talked to him for almost five minutes, patiently explaining that SciAm only publishes serious scientific articles, and that no, they wouldn't be interested in his volcano. I don't even let telemarketers talk to me on the phone, let alone someone who is dishing out insults for a comedy show.
  11. Jun 27, 2005 #10
    hmmm ya.... i guess i should just ignore him. but i'm curious. i don't have that email posted anywhere ya know? and sides, he doesn't understand me either, and he's still putting up with me.

    funny story though, i did start to get frustrated, and i started making up words. it was some sort of made up french/ spanish stuff, and he got kinda confused and logged off again. he kept saying he didn't understand in croatian and german. i do enjoy making up languages, so i had a little fun with it. i'm doubtful that he'll IM me again though...
  12. Jun 27, 2005 #11

    He spoke two different languages. The first one had some slight similarities to Polish, but not completely.....The most familiar to Polish was
    Which means "I don't understand". In Polish it would be "Nie rozumjem" or something along those lines, I'm not that good at actually spelling in Polish.
  13. Jun 27, 2005 #12


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    So he didn't understand you and you didn't understand him. :rofl: Maybe he typed in the address wrong and was expecting someone he knew.

    One of those languages is definitely slavic, but which language will have to wait for someone who recognizes it. Of course, if he's really bad at spelling it, that won't help much. It could be he was just trying different languages he knew in the hope of finding one you'd recognize to converse in. When I visited Poland many years ago, the kids begging on the streets in Krakow were begging in about 6 different languages and just tried them all until they found one that worked.
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    Comparing some of the words here - http://www.yak.net/kablooey/CroDic.txt it would appear the initial text is Croation, and the individual may speak some German.

    Ima li nesto novo - would normally be an interrogative - Is there nothing new?

    laku noc = good night (in hr)

    Most of the language is hvrastki.

    For example njemacki = German in Croatian (male form of adjective), and

    ne samo njemacki = I am not German.

    to which you could have replied - "je li hvratski?" = Are you hvratski (Croatian).
  16. Jun 27, 2005 #15


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    That's what I said too! :)
  17. Jun 27, 2005 #16


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    It's unanimous!!!

    Strange that this person could easily recognize Gale spoke English, yet made no effort to use any basic English words. Seems too strange to me.
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    Maybe it's a malfunctioning spider. :eek:
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    I don't think that's the same mani...the one you reference was born in 1931. :tongue2:
  21. Jun 27, 2005 #20
    maybe he actually thought i was german, since he started saying he wasn't german before he started talking in german. i was right about him asking me a "whats up" equivalent. maybe i'll try to form some sentences with a few of the new croatian words i've learned. i could maybe try some german too since it seems he knows a little of that.

    i wonder if moonbear is right about him just mistyping my email... i think i had someone else do that too... ahhhmmmm.... he did say "vila" a few times... which is the name i use in my email... maybe thats a common name in croatia? maybe this is just a mistake... heh... interesting.. perhaps now i can remove the pillow from my head and return out of hiding..
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