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Translation on Inorganic Chemistry (please help)

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    I am trying to translate a paper on inorganic chemistry from Spanish into English but, since I am not an English native speaker and my knowledge of chemistry is limited, I could definitely use some help in order to get everything right.

    With regard to the title of the paper (NC = (E)-1-(3-phenyl-3-oxo-propen-1-yl)-3,4-dihydroxy-2-nitrobenzene), I am not quite sure if it is correct, because it has been very difficult for me to find reliable parallel texts. To begin with, I don't know if "NC" there makes any sense, it is what it's said in Spanish, but maybe in English it could refer to "Combined Nomenclature" or "Coordination Number"...

    If someone didn't mind taking a look at my translation of the paper I would really appreciate it, and of course I'd be glad to return the favor in case anyone would need any help with a Spanish text or whatever. I could send it by e-mail, it's only 2 pages long and you'd only have to check if there is any mistake.

    Thank you very much.
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    Well, "nombre compuesto" means compound name. From the context it looks like the author is saying, "the compound's name is..."
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