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Homework Help: Translational Equilibruim problem

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    Two blocks are connected by a string. The smooth inclined surface makes an angle of 42 with the horizontal, and the block on the incline has a mass of 6.7kg. Find the mass of the hanging block that will cause the system to be in equilibruim.

    so far i have gooten this:
    t1x= -T1 Cos(42)
    T2x= 0
    T1y= T2 sin(42)
    T2y=mg ?

    What do I do next? please help
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    Since you haven't told us what "T1", "t1x", "T1y", "T2", or "T2y" mean, it's impossible to tell what you have done or what you should do next.
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    "T1x"= is the tension created by the first block horizontally

    "T1y",= is the tension created by the first block vericallly

    "T2x", = is the tension created by the second block horizonal

    "T2y"=is the tension created by the second block verically
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    Doc Al

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    Assuming the usual massless string over a frictionless pulley, there is only one tension throughout the string. Call it T. Now what must that tension be to prevent the mass on the incline from sliding down? Then figure what the hanging mass must be to create that tension.

    For equilibrium, the net force on each mass must be zero.
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