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Translational/gravitational/elastic/total energy problem

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    A 1.80 kg object is hanging from the end of a vertical spring. The spring constant is 34.0 N/m. The object is pulled 0.200 m downward and released from rest. Complete the table below by calculating the translational kinetic energy, the gravitational potential energy, the elastic potential energy, and the total mechanical energy E for each of the vertical positions indicated. The vertical positions h indicate distances above the point of release, where h = 0.

    h(m) KE(J) PE-gravity(J) PE-elastic(J) E(J)

    that is supposed to be a table where h is given and you have to find everything else...

    i can figure out Pe-gravity by mgh but i cannot get the PE-elastic.

    if i get PE-elastic i can solve for the rest

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    PE elastic is the energy stored in the spring it [tex]\frac{kx^2}{2}[/tex]

    Where x is the elongation from normal situation
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