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Homework Help: Translatoral equlibrium question

  1. Oct 13, 2005 #1
    Hi I just wanted to verify my process for solving this question:

    Ok, first of all, I made a diagram to visualize the forces working on the sphere.

    To get the Force magnitude of the wind (Fw), I started with the weight of the sphere ( 2.94x10^(-3) N ) and since the sphere is in equlibrium, then the vector Tj is the same as the weight.
    Then I used the trig relation Tan(37) = Tj/Ti, solved for Ti and again since it's in equlibrium in the i (x) axis, Ti = (Fw)
    For the tension of the cord, I simply used T = (T Cos(37))i

    Did I managed to do it correctly or did I completely veered off? Also, did I used the correct vector notation?
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    Ok let me help you:
    [tex] \vec{T} + m \vec{g} + \vec{F}_{wind} = \vec{0} [/tex]
    right? so
    [tex] - T \sin (37^o) \vec{i} + T \cos (37^o) \vec{j} - mg \vec{j} + F_{wind} \vec{i} = \vec{0} [/tex]
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