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Transmission line problem

  1. Jan 1, 2012 #1

    need some direction on this problem please.

    see attached file, i decided to type more or less my progress,instead of attaching nonsence !!. i had had a few more ideas but no luck. any positive direction would be much appreciated, ive looked back at my textbook (electromagnetics by hayt & buck) but cant find a single other idea form the chapter on transmission lines.


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    rude man

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    << The sending end impedance of a 20 Km length of transmission line is 294 + j170 when open circuited, and 1000 – j1190 with the receiving end open circuited. >>

    When the sendinmg impedance is measured, what is the state of the receiving end? Is it not given in the problem? What does it mean " ... when open-circuited"? Can't mean the receiving end.

    I don't understand the conditions of this problem.
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