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Transmission line question

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    I was reading about transmission lines. I thought if the line and load are matched, then the voltage on the line will be equal to the voltage on the load. But fig 16.2 (page 1000) in the book here, the voltage at load is half the line voltage. I don't get it!
    Book link-
    (click the contents link and then click 'Transients on transmission lines')
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    It appears to be a mistake in the diagram.

    The line is lossless so the voltage at the start of the line should be same as at the load end. Since the load is matched to the line, there will be no reflections, so the voltage across the load will be the same as at the start of the line.
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    Thanks vk6kro. I was struggling with transients, I google and I get this diagram which confused me even more!
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