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Transmission Of EM Wave

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    A lot of electronic hobbyists would want to transmit information, signals through a medium other than the usual rope called wire or cables As this is a bit old fashion to have wires as a means of sending switches. So here let's share ideas on how to produce Electromagnetic wave... The only substitute for wireless connection apart from optical fibre
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    First you need a resonance circuit... It took me years to understand how simple this gem work
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    That's fairly broad. There are plenty of kits that hobbyists can use to work with radio. A little Googling will lead you to page after page of them. Do you have a more specific question?

    By the way, you can communicate wirelessly with radio waves, sound waves, and light. Light communication is typically done with infra-red. Most people would probably say that fiber optic lines are a wired connection.
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    Don't you think its a bit challenging , especially for us that live in a third world countries Like Nigeria. We don't have access to all those kits . so here I find my way to build things from scratch
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    I want to produce my own frequency of radio in which I wouldn't have to buy some IC because its a luxury to get such if at all there is
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    What are you trying build? A radio transmitter that transmits voice, or something else? Maybe just Morse code?
    Also you say you can't get kits, but what can you get? Can you easily get other electronic components, like wire, resistors, capacitors, and inductors?
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    A radio, a flashlight, a burning match, and an electric arc, all fit the description of the OP.
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    Yea frank I can ... Quite easy for me to get capacitor of choice but that wouldn't apply to inductors...and even if am to just wined a coil around some soft core....still the value will be obscure to me
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    Building a Radio (or other wire - less) link (transmitter and receiver) from scratch is not trivial and requires skill and test equipment. It could well be cheaper (and a lot faster) to locate some working second hand equipment. It all depends whether this is a one-off requirement or an on-going thing where your accumulated skills could be helpful.
    Your specific requirement is highly relevant here.
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