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Homework Help: Transmitted wave

  1. Nov 13, 2004 #1
    who cam help me with this wave problem??

    A wire consists of two sections. For x > 0 the mass density of the wire is greater than
    for x < 0. The tension in the wire is the same everywhere. When waves propagating
    along this wire in the positive x direction reach x = 0, part of the wave is transmitted
    and part of the wave is reflected. The reflected wave is inverted.
    An incident wave of the form,
    yin = 0.06cos(3x - 7200t) [m]
    is partially reflected and partially transmitted at x = 0. The transmitted wave has the
    yt = Atcos(6x - 7200t) [m].
    Here t is measured in seconds and x is measured in meters.
    What is the amplitude of the transmitted wave?

    Thank you very much
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