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Transposing formula

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    Hi all

    Need some help on transposing formula's.

    I know i've tranposed before, but was years ago.

    Returning to college etc,
    the formula is


    whats confusing me is there are 3 values being multiplied by themselves, all my previous formula's have been V=IR ect, those I find easy.

    How would I make "l" the subject

    I know to make "v" the subject I would just divide both sides by Bl then cancel etc.

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    Why don't you apply the same strategy to solve for "I" or - in your terminology - to make "I" the subject....divide both sides by B v and then cancel ..
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    lol.....yeah im not with it today
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    to IanNe5 in post #1, do you understand "factor" and "product"? Then, also do you understand "reciprocal"?
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