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Homework Help: Transposistion of formula

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    Can anybody please transpose the following formula..

    f=1/2*pie * Sqrt L*C - Resonant Frequency Formula.

    I know value for L and F but require C.

    Anyone help or show me how - I have spent ages on this and my brain has gone soft :confused:

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    May be helpful if this was in the general maths area aswell....
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    It is just an algebraic manipulation. To isolate the C, square both sides to get rid of the square root sign. Then just use your regular algebraic manipulation to get the C isolated all by itself on the lefthand side (LHS) of the equation. Does that help? What answer do you get?

    EDIT -- I'm moving this to the Homework Help forums, where homework and coursework should be posted.
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    Just for clarification, did you mean ?
    f = 1/[2*pi*Sqrt(L*C)]

    I also recommend the procedure that Berkeman suggested. If you show us what you have got so far, we can help steer you in the right direction.
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