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Transverse Wave on Flexible String Please help.

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    Transverse Wave on Flexible String!! Please help.

    1. The diagram represents a snapshot of a standing transverse wave on a flexible string taken when the displacement is at a maximum. The string is 0.65 m long with tension 11.00 N. The total mass of the string is 8.11 g. Find the period of the oscillation.

    2. converted mass to kg so .00811 kg Tension = 11N and L=0.65 m

    3. i computed λ=2L/4 = 2(.65)/4 = .325 m

    my v=f*λ which is the part i am currently stuck on because i cannot seem to figure out how to determine the fundamental frequency of a string without knowing the velocity first...

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    Re: Transverse Wave on Flexible String!! PLEASE HELP!

    i need an answer by at least 1130PM tonight! i have been trying this problem for hours and still have nothing...
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    Re: Transverse Wave on Flexible String!! PLEASE HELP!



    The velocity squared, V^2 = T/rho = tension/mass density

    mass density = mass / length

    Also, the velocity = wavelength * frequency , so,

    velocity/wavelength = frequency

    Hope this helps.
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