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Homework Help: Transverse wave

  1. Nov 3, 2006 #1
    1) One end of a rope is tied to a stationary support at the top of a
    vertical mine shaft 80.0 m deep. The rope is stretched taut by a box of mineral samples with a mass of 20.0 kg attached at the lower end. The mass of the rope is 4.00 kg. The geologist at the bottom of the mine shaft signals a colleague at the top by jerking the bottom of the rope
    sideways. How long does it take for the wave pulse to arrive at the top of the 80.0 m long rope?

    For transverve waves v = sqrt(F/u) u = mass per unit L

    F = mass_rope + mass_box (g)
    F = 24.0kg (9.8m/s^2)

    v = sqrt(235N/.05kg/m)

    v = 68.6m/s

    so it would take about 1.16 second for the wave pulse to arive.

    My course is calculus based and this answer seems too simple.. did I do anything wrong? Thanks.
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