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Travel and teleportation

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    do you think teleporting will ever be possible in the future, like going from china to the US in a touch of a botton or something...it would be intresting to see matter disepear and reappear somewhere else...but i dont think it will be ever possible, what you guys think?
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    I think that will be possible to teletransport objects, never humans. if you will try to telletransport humans I think that you will only telletransport their corpses, I think that conscieousness is not telletransportable.
    Even in the telletransporting of objects, the copy will not be identical to the original, this is prevented by the "no cloning theorem"
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    Regarding objects:
    The ideas I have heard about regarding how teletransportation would be done usually creating a "map" of some sort of every particle in the subject.
    Then the subject would be broken down to elemental particles and sent as an EM signal.
    When the destination receives the "signal" and the corresponding "map" of the particles, the subject can then be "re-created" at the destination.
    If that were possible, it wouldn't be necessary to physically "transport" these objects.
    In fact, it would be a stupid un-profitable waste of resources.
    Think about it...
    If you could convert matter into energy and energy into matter to that level of detail, all you need to do is send the "map" of the object.
    With that "map", you can create any matter you wish by generating the EM signals artificially and converting those signals into matter.
    Any "thing" you wanted could be simply generated out of thin air.

    How do you define consciousness?
    What makes you think it is not teletransportable?

    People, after all, are just pretty complex things, so there is no reason that if you can send an inanimate thing, you wouldn't be able to send a tomato, puppy dog or a person.
    Even if there is this ethereal "entity" people refer to as consciousness, all it really is is a collection of thoughts, ideas, memories etc. all stored within the complex structure of your brain.
    If the technology existed to map elemntal particles and transmit them, why would the brain be an exception?

    Just make sure there is not a fly in the transmitter with you.
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