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News Traveler Reciprocity

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    I have always been a vocal opponent of the patriot act and other infringements upon civil rights and liberties, but I think that complaining about this is too much. I don't have a problem with it.
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    I wish to visit friends in the USA soon. I have no desire to be fingerprinted, photographed, databased, and in general treated like a criminal.
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    Other countries are talking abotu responding with pics and prints of American citizens - I can't wait! I don't really mind at all :) Make it inkless, and no problem.

    Passports used to have finger prints with them,and they still carry a photo ID.

    ""As far as reciprocity, Brazil has every right to do this," said Claire Fallender, a 27-year-old American sociologist from Boston, who said she had been waiting for five hours. "The only problem is without the technology to process people, it's causing frustration and losing the point of protesting American policy."

    Yeah, inkless and digital cams - 10 seconds added on to your trip, big deal!
    Ink me up, regular cameras,?? 9 hours delay in Brazil? Not exactly apples to apples here.

    I personally think the whole idea is a waste of money, and should be better handled via smart card technologies, and the like, but of course that has it's opponents to. Can't make everyone happy.
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    You mean like you do everytime you get a driver's license?
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    You have to look on the bright side: this could certainly cut down on false accusations based on a similarity in names.
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    They do all that for driving permits in your country?
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    What country do you live in?
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    excuse me, I guess my foot is in my mouth.

    USA - But more importantly what state do I live in, since that is where they are dictated ;)

    Texas, and yes this is the process by which you get a license. Picture digitally for your license, and a inkless thumbprint.
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    Thanks for clarifying!
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    Last time I renewed my permit, I went in, got a photo taken for the new card, signed something so they could put my signature on the card, and handed in my old permit.
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    That's the way it used to be here, but there was too much corruption with it. (fake ID's and all)
    The fingerprint can be checked against existing in the database so you can't have multiple ID's, and upon an arrest it can be found out if your ID is really yours, or not.
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