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Treadmill vs outdoor running

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    Does the absence of drag while running on a treadmill make it a significantly less taxing exercise than running outdoors?
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    The real question is, is it easier to run in water or maple syrup? :p
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    Just ramp up the treadmill at an angle if you like.....Otherwise, my experience is that maybe running on a horizontal treadmill might be a smidge easier....but still plently of exercise to get up a good cardio workout....
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    The coefficient of drag for a person is pretty low, does your treadmill tell you how fast you are going?
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    Buy a really strong fan.
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    Magnawolf wins.

    In all seriousness, any difference cause by wing drag can be more than accounted for by changing settings on your treadmill.
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    Andy Resnick

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    I was interpreting the question to refer to the difference between a moving tread and a non-moving street. Personally I feel a difference, especially during interval training, in the foot-ground impact dynamic.

    Watching olympic sprinters, they start to move their leading leg/foot backwards before the foot contacts the ground, perhaps to minimize the impact?
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    I don't know, but I can tell you road running is much harder, because you have to pace yourself. Trail running is even harder due to soft or uneven ground, inclines, and weather.
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