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Treasure Planet!

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    [SOLVED] Treasure Planet!

    Did you like it or hate it? My daughter loves it and I love the song "Im still Here!" got it free at kazaa.:wink:
    Later ppls
    Dx :wink:
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    this thread is almost as sad as that movie...

    is kazaa legal? (not that i have any moral objections, but i'd like to check it out)
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    To my knowledge, it is not illegal.

    But get Kazaa lite if you check it out. I've heard other versions have spyware installed as well.

    I also know that the supreme court ruled that isp's have to release info to label companys (music & movies) about people downloading things like this.

    Direct Connect is much better, and is a chat service 1st and foremost.

    You can find it at www.neo-modus.com
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    I though it was alright, for a kid's movie. My little sister loved it.

    Yeah, that song was awesome (the highlight of the movie, IMO).
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