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Trees and flowers

  1. Aug 29, 2004 #1
    Do you know of any (philosophical) stories about trees and flowers ?
    Actually, any one is fine... It is not really necessary to be a philosophical one but can be of any types from fictions to non-fictions, anything interesting is all within my main interest...

    Thanks so very much for your help..

    San Pedro
    :cool: cool NOT kewl ---sal---
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    There is the garden of eden, & the various special trees and flowers in the Lord of the rings and silmarillion. There is two. I guess the world ash tree in Norse mythology might count.
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    Thank you, but I am really serious, no joke at all!
    I don't understand your 3 short sentenced poem either!

    Note: hmm, i guess i would say something i used to say so that things would be clearer. ok, listen, Isn't "Need" a critical term to you hmm ? :tongue2:

    :cool: Sunny Spain.
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    I have heard of plants subjected to having parts cut or harmed in some way secreting some chemicals similar to those produced in the human body when in pain. But I have no idea how true this is. But if it is true, it might lead to the argument that plants also feel pain, just like animals! :uhh:
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    Hmm, thats a good analogy.
    But do you have any stories about the origins of trees and flowers on earth ?
  7. Aug 29, 2004 #6
    I am not sure about this, maybe the people into Biology might know better. But I reckon plants must have evolved from algae or planktons or something similar. And flowers are part of the way some plants evolved (as a means to reproduce)
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