Trend in IT Job Ads?

  1. Has anyone else noticed that advertisements for IT positions emphasize skills and traits relating to "team work," "enthusiasm," "customer-focused" attitudes, "energetic" personality, being "fun to work with," "excellent interpersonal skills," and the like, moreso than they used to, and even in jobs that don't require much interpersonal contact?
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  3. Evo

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    That's to make it seem exciting. These vocational schools are popping up everywhere and fighting for people to spend their money with them.
  4. Greg Bernhardt

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    Tech jobs markets are getting saturated. Everyone and their cousin is getting a tech degree. Employers are looking for things that set them apart. Usually that is soft skills.
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    There aren't any of those jobs any more. Pretty muich everything in IT these days is either team work, and/or involves interacting with users.

    The idea of "solitary genius" programmers working completely on their own went out of fashion about 30 years ago, and it wasn't very common even back then.
  6. I didn't say "jobs that require no interpersonal contact at all." I know those don't exist. I said jobs that don't require much. There's desktop support, then there's QA, for example.
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