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Trends in bond energy

  1. May 20, 2016 #1
    Edit: thread moved by mod from non technical forum, hence lack of the template.

    Using arguments from MO theory, state why the trends in homonuclear bond energies for rows 1 and 3 of the periodic table in graph D differ so markedly.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 18.08.01.png S
    State, with reasons, whether Si or Ge has the higher electronegativity

    So I know that the bond energies in general tend to increase across the period as the atoms get smaller and there is better orbital overlap. I also understand that N/O/F have extra repulsion dues to the fact that π* orbitals are more anti bonding than π orbitals are bonding due to asymmetry in the MO diagrams so they are all weaker than expected. However why is this effect only seen in row 1 and not in row 3?
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