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Tri channel ram

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    I purchased a 6gb set [3x2] tri channel ram chips. One of the chips is apparently doa. It appears replacing it with an identical 2gb chip is not necessarily guaranteed to work. Any suggestions?
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    I assume the ram you bought is DDR3 and has a frequency of 1333+ Mhz.
    To be sure if your RAM will work you need to check your motherboard. [Is it DDR2 or DDR3 capable?]

    To answer the question, it will word if all of the sticks are DDR3 even if the frequency is different. [will run on lower frequency]
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    How do you know the chip is DOA? Also, please confirm that you have a LGA 1366 socket Intel processor. As far as I know, it is the only socket that supports triple channel (usually the motherboard will have either three or six RAM slots, though some have four slots).
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    After making sure it's DOA (try starting and running the PC with just one stick and repeat for each stick), RMA that kit. You DID buy it from a reputable source, right? If not, then you've learned why we buy PC hardware from Newegg.
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