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Tri-gate MOSFET and FinFET

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    What is the difference between multi-fin trigate MOSFET and multi-fin FinFET? Why Trigate performs better?
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    They are generally the same thing. Just different names as trade names.
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    They are the same but people call different names. They call it FinFET because the shape of the device looks like a fin of a fish. I recalled that Prof. C.M Hu from Berkeley prefer tri-gate. (I don't remember clearly). The performance is better because it has a better subtreshold behavior. The gate has more control on the channel. If you are interested, you may go to Prof. C.M Hu to take a look. There should be some materials about trigate MOSFET.
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    FinFET can sometimes refer to a double-gated (side-gated) OR a tri-gated (top and side gated) device. Tri-gated is, as the name says, tri-gated. Tri-gated devices are superior because they have a larger surface area over which the gate contacts. Remember that the gate stack/semiconductor is essentially an M/I/S capacitor. To increase the capacitance, which increases the gate's control over the channel, you want to increase the area over which the capacitor covers.

    I suggest this review article: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v479/n7373/full/nature10676.html
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