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Triangle help

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    someone plz help me with this homework. and show me the steps

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v128/babycinnam0r0ll/scan.jpg [Broken]
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    a) What trig function relates opposite and adjacent?
    b) What trig function relates hypotenuse to either of the other sides? Theres two for this one.
    c) Use the law of sines [itex] \frac{sin(a)}{A} = \frac{sin(b)}{B} = \frac{sin(c)}{C}[/tex]
    d) Label the point with the right triangle D. Then [itex]sin(10) = \frac{\overline{CD}}{14} [/itex]. Do something similar to find AD, then sum AD and DC to find AC.
    e) Law of cosines. You have two angles, andyou knowthesum of all 3 is 180. Find the last angle, then apply the law of cosines.
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