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I Triangle of Forces

  1. Jul 31, 2017 #1

    So I am still a beginner in Physics and work asked me today to calculate if a 63mm Bore Pneumatic Ram will do the required job. Anyway, so I know how to calculate the weight capacity the ram can handle if it is at a 90 deg angle however if the ram is on an angle then I am stuck. I need to get back to them today and as a part student, I am finding this hard. any help would be awesome :)

    I have attached a sketch of the layout and how i calculate the weight capacity calculations i have done.

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    Force is a vector. Do you know how to write a vector as a sum of components?
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    You meaning like a resultant force where Fnet=F1+F2?
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    Sort of, but working backwards in this case: you know the total force already and you need to write it as the sum F1 and F2, where one of these is vertical and one is horizontal. You'll need some basic trigonometry (what ##\sin## and ##\cos## mean) as well.
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    In your diagram what is fixed and what is moving and in which directions ?

    If you can describe the problem more completely I'm sure we can help you solve it . A realistic pictorial sketch would be very useful .
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    As an old man, I'd like to second Nidum's request, and add that the figure needs to be more sharp with darker lines.

    From the little I could see, this looks like a prime application for the principle of virtual work.
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