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Triangle wave generator

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    I've attached a general schematic of triple wave generator with op-amp so i need to know the concept of genrating such waveform or maybe tutorial website, and any comment will be appreciated!

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    It's an amplifying buffer for the input square wave, followed by the integrator. When you integrate a square wave, you get a triangle wave. The zener and other diode are used to set the amplitude of the square wave, and thus the amplitude of the tri wave.
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    i undertsnad tat this is also a triangle wave generator can anyone tell me how it works?? thanks

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    Electronic engineer: Any time we feed a capacitor with a current source the capacitor develops a linear ramp voltage across it. Since the capacitor in your schematic is the ONLY component in the feedback path there will be a constant current through it if the inverting and non-inverting inputs are to remain the same voltage. Of course there is a bit more to it since we are not figuring input offset voltages, the offset due to open loop gain and things of this nature.
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