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Triangular numbers, T(An +B), that equal (Cn+D)*(En+F) for all n

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    I found that interdependent arithmetic sequences:
    A*n + B, C*n + D, and E*n +F solving the
    formula T(A*n+B)=(C*n+D)*(E*n+F), for all integer n can be
    generated by the equations
    C=+/- (2m+2)*(m+1)
    D=+/- (2m+1)*(m+1)
    E=+/- (2m+1)*(2m+1)
    F=+/- (2m+1)*2m
    I tried to find an example not generated by these formulas but could not. I believe that this finding has many implications with congruences.
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    More on Triangular Numbers and arithmetic sequences

    I found two more solution families to T(An+B)=(Cn+D)*(En+F) for all n where T(x) = x*(x+1)/2. Plus there is an interesting interrelation between the solutions. Besides the solutions for A,B,C,D,E and F below there is the solution:
    D'=+/- (2m+1)*(3m+2)
    E'=+/- 16m^2
    F'=+/- 2m*(6m+1)
    Interestingly the above solution and the previous solution merge to form the third solution as follows:
    I am further searching for more solution sets.
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    Group created on Triangular and Figurate Numbers

    I posted my further findings and some links at this group which I initiated:
    I present there a general method to find other families of solutions for values of A-F. I have more to post and intend to do so on this new group in the future
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    Do you realize that you are getting no responses because no one can understand what you are talking about?

    What is your point? You start by creating sequences have a certain relationship and then show that the relation can be written in a number of different ways. If you in 9th or 10th grade then, Okay, pretty good. If you are older than that, all that should be trivial to you.
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