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I am looking for a "good" way to triangulate a closed concave shape of vertices and edges.

"good" is quite a vague term, but the basic principles I'm interested in are:
1) Minimize "sliver" triangles that are very thin and contain really small angles.
2) Must be reasonable to compute. Ideally it would take less than a day to compute the triangulization for a mesh with ~10,000 vertices on a standard computer (so complete brute force is out).

Here is a diagram (initial shape in black): [Broken]

If the mesh was convex, a good strategy would be [Broken] method could work well if I had a fast way of finding the worst possible triangle among a subset of the shape, but I'm having no luck there.
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Suggestion (it may not be very good): Form the convex hull of the polygon. Use Delaunay, being careful you don't cross any existing lines. Get rid of lines outside original polygon.
I think the Delaunay triangulization is unique

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