Triangulation Report


I am doing a research paper for my Trigonometry class on the topic of Triangulation.

I am not asking for papers or anything, but I need some advice, rather more background on the topic. (I didn't think that this would be appropriate for the HW forum).

I have to do two pages on each of the following topics: History, Mathematics, Real World Applications. The last one, I already know of what to write. However, I was wondering if you guys had a better suggestion as to what angle or way to write of the Math and its history.

For the history part, I have read of Willebrord Snell, however can not find much on the advancements of other mathematicians.
As for the math, I understand using the common point within circles, however am not sure as to how to describe the process or trigonometric way of accomplishing it.



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Gauß has worked as land surveyor, which I think fits in perfectly here.

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