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Trick for memorizing + learning

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    Through trial and error I've figured out a vastly superior method of memorizing and learning scientific concepts. Vastly superior to the methods I used to use out of habit I mean. What I do is I make a visual shortcut, its just a picture to represent the overall concept. Once I have the image, I visualize it while simultaneously grinding my right fist into the palm of my left hand. I do this about times and it the picture gets added to my permanent, easily accessed memory. Its kind of like a milestone, when I think of the concept that mental image automatically pops up in my head and it has information attached to it (more than what can be derived from the image alone). This eliminates the need for revision and for some reason it makes learning the concept much easier for me.

    Heres a few examples of these visual shortcuts. I was learning about acetals and hemiacetals but I didn't have enough time to figure it out so I made a visual shortcut to whatever little understanding I did have which looks like this
    [PLAIN]http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/6484/diaft.jpg [Broken]
    normally I'd need to fully figure out the concept for it to be memorized so I would have made no progress at all but with this mental image method I'm always making progress. So far I haven't forgot anything I've memorized like this. I think the key to the effectiveness of this is the grinding your fist into your hand part. I've had a habit of doing that every time I feel like I've accomplished something but it seems the more senses that are involved the more rapidly the memories are formed. By throwing in sound, taste and smell this can probably be made even more effective.
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