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Tricks The Mind Plays On You

  1. Jul 31, 2004 #1
    Most of you would have had the experience of setting an alarm clock to wake you early one morning, only to find that you could really do with some more rest, and your mind doesn’t want to wake. Then of course what happens when the alarm starts to sound is that instead of waking you, your mind incorporates and mixes the sound of the alarm into whatever dream scenario you were currently having…

    Now the fact that we actually do this should point out some fairly interesting processes that take place in order to construct a dream. But first we can see that any outside stimulus that attempts to wake your brain trying to rest, can easily be ignored so that resting can continue. (To a certain extent of course)

    So in the example above where an outside stimulus is interfering with your normal sleep cycle, your mind creates a dream with the properties of the outside stimulus so that it doesn’t have to wake and deal with it consciously.

    A dream is therefore a mental construction, if it has meaning isn’t really the topic here, only what factors and processes influence the dream scenario.

    Doesn’t this then go on to prove that you manufacture the dream scenario alone? How you would actively perceive something through astral projection, remote viewing or predicting future events would essentially be out of the question. Anything you experience inside your mind is just a construction of your imagination. Even if you take astral projection to mean perceiving the outside environment around you, it would essentially still be manufactured by your mind, not an actual direct representation of the real physical world you experience when light hits your eye for example.

    Remote viewing literally means being able to “see” a foreign location, as is out of body experiences except that you are floating outside your body, and experiments have been done to test whether the patients were able to actively see anything in the physical world in their OOBE’s, nothing has ever been confirmed. Foretelling future events are another means of “seeing” foreign locations, only this time into the future.

    The point I’m trying to make with all these different psychic abilities, is that they’re all in some way trying to subconsciously make educated guesses, not actually literally “see” foreign locations, future events or anything else. You may after all believe you’ve witnessed “something” but isn’t this merely the way you’ve interpreted it?

    Any thoughts or constructive criticisms?
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  3. Aug 1, 2004 #2
    Let's say that viewing is geometrically equivalent to point symmetry viewing the perimeter.

    To this point in history. People haven't defined Points, lines or planes. This is the basis for geometry/Intersection, which defines complex/simple math.

    So. You see the perimeter of your room right now ? The points, lines, and planes to define your room haven't been defined themselves yet !

    So to say a person proves geometry to see a certain perimeter is incorrect. They are aware of what undefined geometry relates to them.

    Remote viewing to see a perimeter is seeing a perimeter that undefined geometry defines for the viewing person. Your doing that right now. :eek:

  4. Aug 1, 2004 #3
    I don't think you've made yourself very clear.

    I'm aware of the perimeter of my room or local environment, that's obvious isn't it? How can I be percieve a foreign location without making educated guesses? That's the whole point of remote viewing isn't it? to literally see a foriegn location without just guessing what that location would look like.

    So no, I'm not doing that right now.
  5. Aug 2, 2004 #4
    1.) The point I'm trying to make is tat geometry, also called intersection, is composed of three things: Points, lines, and planes. Nobody has defined these three points. Their imaginary.

    2.) The geometry to remote view is made up of points, lines, and planes that are undefined.

    3.) The geometry to see the room your in is made up of points, lines, and planes that are undefined.

    4.) Seeing the room your in is equivalent to remote viewing, geometrically.

    Where is the guessing ? :confused:
  6. Aug 2, 2004 #5
    The third point is probably something we can both agree with. The geometry in your local environment is not something you have defined, in other words if you take away the observer the geometry still remains.

    Therefore to see the geometry we need to observe the local environment.

    Once again, remote viewing is the ability to view a foreign location (geometry) without observation.
    Which you’re confusing in your next point, by stated that observing ones local environment is remote viewing.

  7. Aug 2, 2004 #6
    (A) The geometry to remote view is undefined.
    (B) The geometry to see your room is undefined.

    A = B

    Therefore when you see the geometry of your room, your acting as if your remote viewing. Your seeing the same geometry, geometry that is undefined.
    Points, lines, and planes, that are undefined.

    If they are defined then perfect symmetry does not exist, and there is a limit to the Universe. And A does not = B. Geometry in point A doesn't equal geometry in point B.

    Here's a short history for reference to my jibber jabber.

    Here's my reply.

    So then. If the Geometry of your room or wherever you are is defined. Then symmetry can't exist, not perfectly, it's reasoned.

    See. There's a difference between remote viewing and directly seeing. So that difference states perfect symmetry isn't present, and time is.

    So my theory would seem to be verified by you. In part because you don't know it.

    Geometry < 2*Geometry
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  8. Aug 2, 2004 #7
    Or. It takes time to remote view. It takes time to see your room. Time changes from action to reaction to reaction.

    So to see the second reaction or remote viewing takes twice the time it takes you to see your room.

    So they are different. Your right. :shy:
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