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Tricky integral

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    Need help to evaluate this integral, or at least some guide lines, or some reference were I can learn how to do it.

    [tex] \int^{2\pi}_{\phi^{'}=0}\int^{\pi}_{\theta^{'}=0}\int^{b}_{r^{'}=0}e^{ikr^{'}\left[\sin\theta^{'}\left(\cos\left(\phi^{'}-\phi_{1}\right)-\sin\theta_{0}\cos\left(\phi^{'}-\phi_{0}\right)\right)-\cos\theta^{'}\cos\theta_{0}\right]}(r^{'})^{2}\sin\theta^{'}dr^{'}d\theta^{'}d\phi^{'} [/tex]

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    Step #1: convert it from spherical to cartesian.
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    Thanks. Although there will be problems with the limits of integration I think it will be a lot easier. :smile:
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