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Homework Help: Tricky logarithms

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    i got 2 problems that are really hard to solve. i dont know wether they are trick question or they just can be incorperated in a formula.i have taken days to solve them but in vain. please help!

    a) 10(3^(2x+1)) = 2^(4x-3)

    b) (2/3x)^(log2) = (9x)^(log3)

    thanks you very much:frown:
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    In both questions, take the logarithm of both sides of the equation, then use the laws of logarithms to isolate x (the one to start with is the exponent law: log(x^b) = b*log(x)).

    The solutions to the questions should hopefully follow easily now. =)

    (Ha, just noticed your post in the other forum was asking the same question. Seems you got some answers there.)
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