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Homework Help: Tricky Need practice Help

  1. Dec 6, 2004 #1
    Tricky Need practice Help plz

    I dont understand these problems well I do but not these ones 9^(x^2+1)=(27)^x (3)^2x
    What I have done is changed all the bases to 3 so (3^3)^(x^2+1)=(3^3) (3)^2x but I dont know what to do next I tried solving for x after simplifying the above and got to the point where the exponents simplify to x^2+3=0 not sure if this is right someone plz help me these are exercise problems.
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    9^(x^2+1) to (3^2)^(x^2+1), not (3^3)^(x^2+1) :smile:
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    Thanks I think I got the answer x=1/2 or x=2
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    so are my answers for x right or wrong?
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    They're right
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