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Tricky semiconductor concentration question

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    in a nondegenerate germanium sample maintained under equilibrium conditions near room temperature, it is known that ni = 10^13/cm^3, n = 2p, and Na = 0. determine n and Nd.

    where n is the number of electrons and p is the number of holes.
    Na is the hole concentration and Nd is the electron concentration.

    ive looked at the cases such as where Nd >> Na, Nd >> ni, then n = Nd and p = ni^2/n.

    but that doesn't seem to be the case here because i calculated p to be 7.07E12 and n to be 1.414E13. since ni is 10^13, that isn't a difference of 2 orders of magnitude(which im assuming is >>)

    am i doing something wrong or is there some other case that i wasn't told about.
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