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Triclosan removal

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    Does triclosan remain on surfaces or textile treated with triclosan wet wipes? If yes, how it can be neutralized? Like for example will washing machine and detergent neutralize it from textiles contaminated with triclosan?

    Please help and answer this question
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    Triclosan is a weak acid (pKa = 7.8) so it will be most soluble in water at high pH. I would use washing soda with my usual laundry to remove it. Hot water is better than warm which is better than cold.
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    The question is so peculiar that it is not possible to give a direct answer out of context. Is the situation commercial, domestic, hospital or what? Wet wipes are not likely to leave huge amounts of anything. What is the problem? Aesthetic, safety, food pollution, legal need, parental hysteria? Any of these would affect the recommendation. What sort of surface? Glass? Metal? Plastic? Wood? Brick? For most purposes there would be no need to do anything at all; for most of the rest, a good wash or scrub with hot detergent solution would be more than enough. Or possibly with the hot washing soda Chemistree suggested.

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