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Homework Help: Trig functions that i have to memorize?

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    I am taking calculus and math 12 at the same time. Now we are doing limits of trigonometric functions, but i know nothing about it. What are some important trig functions that i have to memorize?

    Ex. I have no idea how to do these
    lim (tanx-sinx)/xcosx
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    Your book probably has a table of the concepts you need such as.

    d(x)sinX = cosX
    d(x) cosx = -sinx
    d(x) tanx = sec^2x
    d(x) secx = secx tanx
    d(x) cotx = -csc^2x
    d(x) cscx = -cscx cot x

    Are these what you were looking for?
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    To do that limit, you should use L'Hopital's Rule.

    [tex]\lim_{x\rightarrow\infty} \frac{\tan0 - \sin0}{0*\cos0} [/tex] is indeterminate... you get 0/0. Differentiate the top and the bottom and try the limit again. If that doesn't work, then try it once more... If this continues to fail, use another approach.

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    Know how to find the limit of sinx/x as x-> 0, the other trig identities dont need much thought, usually rearranging or using trig identities yields you an easy limit.
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