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Trig functions,

  1. Sep 25, 2006 #1
    i'm thinking that trig functions are like vector constants when used as expressions.

    Like, y=cos^2x+3, or y=cosx/sinx

    I'm meaning to talk about what's meant by a trig function is just a number and how trig is used beyong right triangle problems.
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    I am unsure what knowledge you request. Please explain with more detail.
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    No, trig functions are like scalar functions (they are scalar functions). WHY do you think they have anything to do with "vector constants" (by which I presume you mean "constant vectors")? It is true that if x is the angle a 2-dimensional vector makes with the x-axis then its components are multiples of cos x and sin x but that doesn't mean that trig functions are "like vector constants". In what sense are your examples, y= cos2x+ 3 and y= cos x/sin x, "like vector constants"?
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