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Trig Help - Need Help Verifying This Identity!

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    im trying to verify this identity - sin x + tan x / 1 + cos x = tan x - i get lost very easily and need the steps - can anyone help me? :yuck:
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    It might help if you took a little more care in writing your expressions with suitable placement of parentheses and properly distinguishing between hyphens and minus signs.
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    Tide's point is that it is not clear if you mean (sin x+ tan x)/(1+ cos x) or
    sin x+ (tan x/(1+ cos x), or (-sin x+ tan x)/(1+ cos x) or...

    Probably you mean (sin x+ tan x)/(1+ cos x)= tan x.

    Hint: replace tan x by sin x/cos x. Then do the algebra to simplify the left side.
    (1+ cos x is important!)
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