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Homework Help: Trig Help on 90 degree angle

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    ok as when I list all of my problems I just need ideas of where to start and go towards no the final answer though. The problem states:

    A block of metal has a 90 degree notch cut from its lower surface. The notched part rests on a circular cylinder of diamter 2.0 cm. If the lower surface of the part is 1.3 cm above the base plane, how deep is the notch?

    I have attached a file that shows the diagram. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi ur5pointos2sl! :smile:

    (I can't see the diagram yet, but …)

    If the apex of the notch is A, and the notch touches the cylinder at T and U, the bottom of the notch (part of the lower surface) is B and C, and BC meets AO at D, and the centre of the cylinder is O, then draw the triangles AOT and ABD, and use trig. :smile:
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    What exactly would the D be referring to? The line from B to O?
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    erm …
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