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Homework Help: Trig Help

  1. Jan 23, 2005 #1
    OK, I worked through an assignment wanting me to rewrite formulas. However two problems are driving me crazy.

    sin(x + (pi/6))
    I get (sqrt(3)/2)sinX + (1/2)cosX
    not really too simplified.

    ((1-cos4x)/2) ((1+cos4x)/2)
    (1 + cos8x)(1/16)
    //When I plug numbers in I do not get a valid solution for the original equation so I messed up somewhere.

    Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you for your time and knowledge. Also, congratulations this site has grown a lot since my old days of getting on about everyday. Job got in the way and all.
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    The first one cannot be simplified indeed...

    The second is
    [tex] \sin^{2}2x\cos^{2}2x [/tex]

    ,or i didn't understant it??

    [tex] \sin 2u=2\sin u\cos u [/tex]

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