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Homework Help: Trig Identities : Help 3 Questions.

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    I can't get these 3 questions, can someone help me?

    1. cotB [ (tanA + TanB) / (cotA+cotB) ] = tan A

    2. (sin^2A + 2cosA - 1) / (2 + cosA - cos^2A) = 1 / (1+ secA)

    3. cos^3A + sin^3A = (cosA+SinA)(1-SinAcosA)

    please help out on these, thx in advance. U can write the / sign as fractions cuz i can't do it on the computer here.
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    For proving trig identities, it's generally useful to convert everything into sin and cos, cross-multiply all fractions, and multiply out all factorizations.
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    It's also helpful to know the double-angle formulas and the half-angle formulas.
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    no need to use double-angle formulas for those... i just can't figure them out. can someone actually do one?
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    here is the first one:
    [tex]1. tan(A)=cot(B)\frac{tan(A) + tan(B)}{cot(A)+cot(B)}[/tex]

    Express in terms of sine and cosine:

    Get common denominators and add the top/bottom to form 1 complex fraction:



    Identities used in solution:




    Good luck with the others, I hope this helps you!
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