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Trig summer online

  1. Apr 10, 2013 #1
    There are currently some changes happening in Texas and math courses are being revamped from Trig on up to cal III at some community colleges.

    I am in college algebra right now and have a pretty good average thus far this semester. I was wanting to take trig in Summer one and take precal in the fall. Well whatever is going on with the math divisions beyond my head is making it to where trig is more integrated into pre-cal versus what it is now. They are going to phase out trig and focus on pre-cal. Well I had sent an e-mail to the math departments co-chair and she said I can do one of two things. Take trig in Summer I, if I do well get a recommendation from my professor and they can override and put me in Calculus I in the fall as long as I get a B or higher. Or just simply wait until the fall to take pre-calculus.

    My thing is... Do you feel that taking trig online over the summer...( with the same professor I have now ) I can be successful? I do work a full time job and so I know I will have to set aside a great deal of time studying trig. Are there any thought on what I have mentioned above? Do you think I should go ahead and take trig in Summer I, move onto Calculus I and just save time?

    I am a biochem major and I am taking my physics and maths at my community college to save money while I take all my major chem courses at the university. I figure math is universal and we have awesome math professors at our local community college. I need cal-based physics and go up to and complete cal III. Any tips would be helpful or advice. Thank you.

    I am not sure by adding this but thus far my average in college algebra is a 97 and aced all homework and tests. I just wanted to throw that out there because some people might be curious as to how well my grades reflect my grasp on how well I comprehend algebra. I do enjoy math a great deal, I just really want to do well and know all I can to be successful in all my math courses. I want to go to grad school and I simply do not want to just pass my courses, I really want to ace them and know what it is I went to school for.
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    Hey BlueDiamond.

    I think you can do it given your performance in algebra. If you put in the work, and just get help when you need to, you should pull it off.

    Just remember not to be intimidated if things catch up on you: pride goeth before a fall (thank you George Carlin).

    Its just going to be like most things, a means to an end and if you need guidance, then ask your lecturer or post a question on these forums.

    The lecturer may be glad to have a student that is motivated, serious, and cares about the outcomes to come into their office and get some help. All teachers like to have that kind of student (because a lot of the time they end up with the exact opposite).
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    Thank you for that kind response. I work very hard for my progress and try not to convey too much pride or confidence. Everything I have accomplished up to this point has been due to many long hours and time invested in studying.

    I am going to sign up for the summer course. I am hoping that with it being only one class that I can focus all my energy on that class for the month and do well. Thanks again for your response.
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