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Medical Trigger neuroplasticity

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    Sorry probably the thread title is wrong; but I wonder:

    If loudspeakers (TV?) all day long broadcast messages (audible and perhaps randomly visible) on a mid-term (2/3 months) many hours (working/classes hours) - would that "help" to create new brain circuits?
    ie.: if I keep broadcasting Spanish lessons (including images or not); would that 'create' new circuits or would it 'refine' existing pathways? And - of course - would that enhance my Spanish? (Spanish used as an example).

    Sorry I might not be clear enough expressing myself :blushing:

    Thank you!
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    The general idea is that when an organism is very young, within a "critical period", then learning can take place just by exposure to new stimuli. After the critical period, new stimuli only stimulate plasticity when the organism pays attention to the stimuli and uses the them to figure how it should behave. This is just a rule of thumb, and specific cases must be treated as such.
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    What is that 'critical period' and is it possible to extend or recreate that period? What (physically) make that period possible?

    (I assume 'the period' to be very young and going to descend regularly until late teenage??).
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