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Trigonometric Problem

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    This problem is same as the problem on this link https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/trigonometric-problem.76696/ .

    I would like to ask the number 4 hint which is "4) We therefore have, for example the equality: " the equations can't be seen on my pc as it will only outputs this
    \vec{v}\cdot\hat{n}_{AC}=r_{AC}\omega_{AC}\to{v}_{BC}\hat{r}_{BC}\cdot\hat{n}_{AC}}=r_{AC}\omega_{AC}\to{v}_{BC}=\frac{r_{AC}\omega_{AC}}{\hat{r}_{BC}\cdot\hat{n}_ .

    The others variables are working okay aside from the said variables/equation.

    This is one of the problems I need to solve for passing dynamics. Thanks in advance.
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    $${\vec{v}\cdot\hat{n}_{AC}=r_{AC}\omega_{AC}\ \to\ \\ {v}_{BC}\hat{r}_{BC}\cdot\hat{n}_{AC}}=
    r_{AC}\omega_{AC}\ \to\ \\ {v}_{BC}=\frac{r_{AC}\;\omega_{AC}} {\hat{r}_{BC}\cdot\hat{n}_{AC} }.$$
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