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Trigonometry Book

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    I am currently trying to strengthen my trigonometry skills and am therefore looking for a trigonometry problem solving book which contains practice problems and goes very in-depth. Does anyone know of any books which could help me with this?
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    Buy a USED trigonometry book. Maybe by Larson, Hostetler, & Edwards. Better a dedicated Trigonometry book instead of a PreCalculus book. If the book is 12 to 30 years old, it is probably very very acceptable.
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    I like
    Advanced Trigonometry
    by C. V. Durell and A. Robson
    available as a dover reprint
    At first I was expecting to se some new things. There are not really any new things, but it helps one to get more out of the trigonometry they have.

    If you like recreational type trig
    Trigonometric Delights by Eli Maor
    is a nice book to read on saturday night.
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    I self-studied precalc using "Before Calculus" by Louis Leithold. He has an amazing calculus book too.
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