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Trigonometry Help

  1. Sep 11, 2008 #1
    hey guy im new to the forum

    im having a hard time understand number 1, 4, 5. i post all the question for anyone to double check my answers.
    thanks for the help guys
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    For number 5, be sure you use the right units. You have 8.3 hrs.
    Wouldn't it be 8.3 rotations/hr?
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    ??? The first question is "Find the measures of two angles, one positive an one negative, that are coterminous with the given angle" and you answer "75 degrees".

    We can't possibly tell you whether that is right or wrong because you don't show the diagram or the "given angle"! I can tell you that your answer is not COMPLETE because it asks for TWO angles and you give only one!

    For problem 2 you seem to have the "near side" and "opposite side" reversed.

    Problem 3 you have correct.

    It's not clear to me what your answer to problem 4 is. How did you get that point?

    For problem 4 the question is "how many rotations does a pulley make in 1 hour and your answer is "8.3 hr"! That can't possibly be right!
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    i see what you mean. thanks for the help man

    for question number 1) The given angle is 75 degrees. how do i go about this question?? sorry

    for question 4) im still not sure what the question is asking.
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    after a long night, i got the answer

    problem 1) is 3600- 750 = 4350
    -3600+750 = -2850

    problem 4) the 58 is in radians. so 6.28x9=56.52 then 58-56.52= 1.40
    which is 1.40 off 1.57. remember to change the degrees to radians that how i got the answer

    i want to thank you guy for the help i really applicative it cheers
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    This is the most interesting way to subtract I have ever seen.
  8. Sep 12, 2008 #7
    D'oh, but you guys know what i meant.
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