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Homework Help: Trigonometry quetion

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    Hey guys I am new in this forum so if i posted this question in the wrong section, please notify me. Anyway.
    My concern here is this.

    So I am trying to find the RATE OF CHANGE of f from pi to 11pi/6

    f(x)= tan x

    I have attached the part i need help on.
    Note: This is very simple but there is one step which i don't understand.

    The part where 11pi/6 - pi = 5pi/6 <----- How is this? Please explain.....
    thanks in advance.

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    Don't you know how to add and subtract fractions?
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    the question is as good as asking you to find the gradient,

    so the '11pi/6 - pi = 5pi/6' part is the x value of the gradient.,

    similarly, the y value of the gradient is the top part as shown in your question

    gradient is

    y1 - y0
    x1 - x0
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    11pi/6- pi= pi(11/6- 1)= pi(11/6- 6/6).
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