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Trinomial Expansion

  1. Feb 1, 2007 #1
    I find it difficult to expand a trinomial using the formula method (factorial method) where you can find the coefficient of any term without expanding the whole trinomial.
    I can understand the binomial, but I can't do the trinomial using the general sigma notation method.
    Can someone please show me how to do this by using about 2 examples?

    Thanks alot:smile:
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    anyone can help me? :(
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    Let your numbers be a,b,c. Define d=b+c. Then, we have:

    Denote the powers of a,b,c as [itex]p_{a},p_{b},p_{c}[/itex], respectively.

    We therefore have that N,i and k are given by:
    Thus, your coefficient, in terms of 3 powers are:

    seeing this pattern should tell you how to find the coefficients for higher nomials.
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