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TriOS College

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    I've come across an opening for an instructor at TriOS College - a group of technical colleges here in Canada.

    I've looked online for reviews of this college and, of course the reviews are mostly negative (how many people with positive experiences will post a review?), but I don't know how objective this is.

    How might I deterrmine if this is a good place to be employed?
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    Please, for your own goodness, stay away from triOS college. It's a waste of your precious time. Rates of pay are bad for the amount of hours you have to work.

    Note: if you are teaching 8 hours (2 x 4 hrs sessions) add about 2-4 hours of work for preparing yourself and marking student's work. So take the rate of pay for 8 hours and divide it by the 10-12 hours of work and don't be surprised to be back down to almost minimum wage...

    Rates of pay are: "normal instructors" 20-25$ per hour, networking 30$ per hour, Video Game development 35$ per hour. (so including all that extra time, a 30$ turns out to be 20$ per hour effectively)
    In the industry you will see that you will make more money easily, if you are so knowledgeable about your subject.
    And that actually is the problem of that college (maybe even of each private college) that they can't get the appropriate instructors for that rate of pay. So they get crappy people with no proper experience.
    The staff turnover is VERY high. (I worked there just over a year and have seen instructors come and go in a insane frequency)
    Depending on the campus where you go, you might even encounter pretty hostile students in your class. (Due to the many many issues they have with students. Note that this might also be student-inflicted, but still... they're yelling at your head)

    Believe me: it's a waste of your good time. Don't do it.
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    I'm not sure if you're familiar with the university/college distinction in Canada. In Canada, they aren't the same thing. I don't know if you were asking about academic quality or employment quality, but many of these colleges are known to be "diploma mills" for people who only want and/or need training for work in industry/trade. Colleges are geared towards training for the workforce - the academic components of the education there are usually secondary.
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    I am.


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